Gelato Hash 190mg CBD


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Gelato 19% CBD only from the best indoor cannabis resin of the highest quality possible on the market.

Gelato, also known as ‘Larry Bird’, is a Sativa dominant strain created by crossing the ever so famous Sunset Sherbert with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

It’s mouth watering aroma will tantalize even the most experienced users senses. It possesses a sweet, almost cake-like aroma, with notes of fresh lavender and blueberries.


We offer you the best hashes with terpenes. We added to our hash several cannabis terpenes profile. Research has shown that the effects of cbd are increased by terpenes and that the effects of terpenes are in turn increased by the cbd. With these new formulations the hash is very tasty and strong because terpenes, besides giving aroma, deeply influence our senses, stimulate appetite and favor pleasant emotions, have healing properties, and promote calm and joy.

Super Strong in CBD 19%
No THC (<0.02%)
3rd party Lab tested
Non Pesticide
Produced using organic methods
Soft and sticky
Full Spectrum

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